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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Air Travel Questions

Travels over the past couple of weeks have brought me to six different airports, on four different airlines and seven different flights. The inevitable long waits in airport lounges and during taxiing gave me an opportunity to think about several questions concerning air travel. Perhpas someone out there can help me answer some of them.

  1. Why does the business class line (before security or check-in) almost always move slower than the economy class one?
  2. Why does the laptop need to go through the security x-ray machine separately? Will the machine not scan the laptop if it's in the bag? And what's the deal with removing your shoes?!
  3. And on the same subject, why do most European countries require you to remove the laptop but the Brits don't?
  4. Exit row seats are coveted by many, and for a good reason (extra leg room). But why on earth can't one lift the arm-rests in these rows?
  5. When the flight attendants dispsense that all-important security information to passengers ("the seat belt can be unfastened by lifting this buckle"), do they get offended by the fact that nobody pays them the least attention?
  6. Why is the kosher food distributed to passengers before the regular food? Could it be because it takes the average person almost half an hour to wrestle with those impenetrable plastic wrappings?
  7. Why does every airline on the planet air episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond"?
  8. Why do pilots always promise to try and make up for lost time after a delayed departure? One would think they would go as fast as they can in any case, no?

There's more, but these will do for now.


Anonymous said...

U can lift the arm rest because that is where ur table is stored...

Sharvul said...

No you can't. You can lift the table OUT OF the arm rest, but the arm rest itself is fixed. In other words, if you have three empty seats you can't lie down and sleep; the arm rests will be in the way, unlike in regular rows.