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Monday, October 16, 2006

Prayer for Avi Ravitzky

I just saw on the news that Prof. Aviezer (Avi) Ravitzky, head of the department for Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University and winner of the Israel Prize, was hit by a bus in Jerusalem this morning and is in hospital in grave condition.

I had the honour of hearing Prof. Ravitzky talk on several occasions over the years and read a couple of his books. I stood a few paces away from him during the peace rally on the 4th of November 1995, at the end of which Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered.

He is truly a great thinker and I pray for his speedy and full recovery with the help of God. Amen.


Menachem Butler said...

His Hebrew name is Aviezer Ben Ruth-Minda. May Prof. Aviezer have a speedy recovery b'toch sha'ar cholei yisrael. He is a truly remarkable scholar.

Anonymous said...

It is Sunday night in here in the Mid-Western US, I too was fortunate to have Dr. Ravitzky as a teacher for two graduate level summer session courses a major NY institution, that I subsequent disassociated myself from.
I too hold him in very high esteem. I am grateful to Menachem Butler for providing his Hebrew name, so that I may include him in my thrice daily Davening. Could any please report on what they know of his condition and prognosis at this time. Thank you very much in advance if you would post that information

Anonymous said...

Ymach shmo ve'yeabed zichro. I wish him the death that he and his ilk brought upon so many innocents with Oslo. And he should linger in pain for years as do the victims of Arab terror.

Sharvul said...


My initial thought was to delete your post. But I decided to leave it here as an example of the despicable depths some so-called "religious Jews" would sink to - wishing death to a fellow Jew - in the name of their misguided beliefs.