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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Peres - Finally

Shimon Peres was voted today as the 9th President of Israel. Finally.

This perennially unelectable politician and statesman, who managed to be Prime Minister twice without being elected to the post, has finally won a vote. I am very happy for him (and for Israel), although I would have preferred to see him as Prime Minister right now. In the arid wilderness that is the Israeli political scene nowadays, he could have filled the void we all suffer from.

Never mind. At least he gets the respectable finale he deserves to a most remarkable life and career.


mnuez said...

Wow. Me disagrees pretty strongly.

I like your blog and I'm pretty sure that I'd like You, but, by the name of our holy lord, jesus christ, I do not like mr. Peres (in fact, I once ran into the street to spit at his him).

If you wanna be annoyed by what you'd likely consider Sinat Chinum, have a looksee at my expressed feelings and thoughts when I first heard the news (

Otherwise,,, don't look! :-)

Anyhow, I'm glad to have redicovered your blog. I used to read you regularly on my pda but since it moved on to a better world I'd forgotten about you. :-(

But now I looked you up again! :-)

Only to find that you want to fellate Mr. Peres! ;-(

Cheers mate :-)


Sharvul said...

"Me disagrees"?! What are you, a 10-year-old? And "to fellate"? How obnoxious...

The fact that you do not like Peres and tried to spit at him leads me to believe that you have no idea about the man and what he did for this country.

mnuez said...

Whew!I'd say I'm probably a whole lot meaner than you in my blog comments generally but I usually do have a soft spot for folk who tell me that they like me! I applaud you for notcompromising yourself by engaging in same :-)

Anyhow, you seem to have taken my insult to mr treif-bird rather personally (so much so in fact that it over-rode what feelings of appreciation you might have had for me owing to my compliments toward you). That would have me wonder whether you in some way know the guy personally. (Unlikely of course but you did seem to react like a vicarioously insulted relative).

Anyhow, I honest to god can not stand him and I also happen to know quite a bit about the man and I just remembered (and figured to let you know - in the interest of complete disclosure y'know) that I also once challenged him publicly and quite publicly irked his ire for having done so. It was before the elections v. Netanyahu and (it's hard for me not to preface his name with words of hatred but out of respsct for his being your relative n all, I'll hold it in) Mr. Peres had just been infomed by arafat that there would be no more suicide bombings until after the election (so as not to harm... peres's chances). I asked peres whether he might influence his good friend hold off on the bombings even aftedr the elections.

Anyhow, I'm sure we can have a long and hopefully productive convo about it at some point but I'm afraid this would not be that point. As for your headmistressly chidings of my less-than-conservative writing style I can only say: lol :-)

Cheers mate,