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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shocking Testimony

Following is a shocking testimony from an IDF soldier who participated in the fighting in Gaza a couple of months ago:

One day we were on a foot patrol next to this Palestinian village. We saw children playing in the streets next to some houses. There was nothing for us to do there, so we walked on. However, one of the soldiers, let’s call him Yuval, broke off from our group and disappeared. When he came back, a couple of minutes later, he looked somewhat excited and there were a few drops of blood on his shirt, but he refused to answer our questions about his strange disappearance.

Later that day, as we were turning in for the night, I overheard a conversation between two of my friends. They were discussing this strange incident and one of them said he saw what happened. Apparently Yuval walked up to two young Palestinian children in that village, drew out his knife and stabbed one of them repeatedly until the kid fell to his knees. The other kid started running away, but Yuval easily caught up with him and stabbed him too. He then threw his knife into some bushes and ran back to our group.

I was too stunned to ask my friends any questions. Apparently it all happened very fast so only a couple of the soldiers even noticed Yuval went missing.

After the war I heard that the Palestinians were complaining that an IDF soldier murdered a 16 year old boy and wounded his 7 year old friend. I realised they were referring to what Yuval did.

I cannot imagine how a human being can walk up to two innocent children and stab them like that. It’s horrible.


Anonymous said...

I felt sick reading that.
We don't like to believe things like that happen on our side, but it is naive to think otherwise.

Sharvul said...

Not to worry. Just change Israeli Soldiers to Palestinian Terrorists, and Palestinian Kids to Israeli Kids - and you'll get what really happened. Last week at Bat Ayin.

I wrote this to show how easily people believe hearsay tales about Israeli soldiers, and how easily they overlook the real atrocities committed by Palestinian terrorists.

Dee said...

You are mistaken. I happen to know you personally and assume what you write is valid.
However , I see your point.

Uri said...

I felt terrible reading this. I just couldn't believe that an IDF soldier would do that. Then I read your comment about having switched the identities of those involved, which made me feel only mildly better. One, you're right, it does illustrate a certain gullibility people have concerning rumor about Israel. Two, it's a reminder that we need to hold our selves to a higher ethical standard than everyone else around us. Unfortunately, these same ethical standards inhibit our ability to wage war in a tacticaly meaningful manner.