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Monday, January 26, 2009

Who to Vote For?

The elections are two weeks away. This must be the most dormant election campaign I've seen in my life, probably a combination of the general "there-is-nobody-worth-voting-for" feeling and the fact that the political parties suspended their campaigns during the fighting in Gaza.

I am still undecided about who to vote for. The natural choice is the Labour Party, but I have an ongoing issue with their economic agenda (and with their "disappearing act"). The logical choice would be Kadima, as I agree with most of their agenda. The problem I have with Kadima is that most of the people there, including the leader of the pack, are not exactly my cup of tea. My heart goes for Meimad-Green Movement, but I have thrown my vote away in the past for Meimad when it did not make it in, and I don't feel like repeating that mistake.

Interestingly, the Israeli blogoshpere seems to favour Meimad-Green Movement, so perhaps they will surprise everyone after all and make it through on a "trend vote", just like the Pensioner Party did in the last elections.

Oh well. Two more weeks and then I'll need to make a decision.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as you (meimad or Labour) but I don't feel voting for meimad because I don't want to throw my voice away (and I can't help having a gut feeling that the only reason the green party joined meimad was for the state finance).
I even consider voting for the "the Jewish home" as aside them being right-winged they promised focusing on education...

And as for the poll, It's a load of rubbish (or a proof that the blogosphere is elitist).


Anonymous said...

Me too. Just don't know who to vote for. I suppose it will be Kadima but I'm not impressed.

Sharvul said...

Anonymous 1: You needed proof the blogosphere is elitist?

Anonymous said...

No, Sharvul.

It's just good to be reminded every now and then...

Anonymous said...

Hiya! If I may interject, I'm far from unbiased, but I think your inclinations are correct! Regarding Yonatan's comment, the Green - Meimad union was far deeper than state financing (though that was a bonus). The Green Movement is a broad-platform party of folks who started with an environmental world-view that has broadened into a platform of true sustainability; e.g. we can't just try to put a band-aid on environmental ills, but rather we must treat the root causes - failing education, growing schisms in society, poverty and income gaps. And to do so, we have to reach into our environmental knowledge, but also or moral and ethical traditions. In short, all of this made the merger with Meimad completely natural. Melchior is one of the greenest parliamentarians in Knesset, and his world view fit the Green Movement completely. For comparison, prior to joining with Meimad, we in the green movement voted down a merger with Meretz (which would have brought in more money). With Melchior/Meimad it was a fit.

As far as "throwing your vote away," obviously we here that argument a lot - but I think I throw my vote away voting for a party whose leadership makes my crawl or whose past record don't match their platform. Please give a close look at the website, listen to the candidates and make an informed decision.