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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why I Hate Soccer

Yes, I watched the game last night. I promised myself I would watch only the semifinals and the final. Or at least try to...

What happened was I watched the first 90 minutes but when the regular time ended at 0-0 and it looked like this game, like many others before it, will be won by penalty kicks, I decided to call it a night. Waking up this morning to read that Italy won by scoring two goals in the last couple of minutes, reminded me of how much I hate this game.

Does one need to sit through 120 agonising minutes of boredom in the hope that something dramatic will happen (as it did yesterday), knowing that the chances of drama are close to nil? I'm no soccer expert, but something must be done about the rules of this game to make it more interesting. I know cricket and baseball are much more boring, but they were designed to be so from the beginning. Soccer, on the other hand, used to be an interesting sport. In my youth in Italy I distinctly remember soccer that was a pleasure to watch. Now, with all these "advanced defence techniques" and ubiquitous fouling, I find myself dozing off minutes into the game. What a waste of time!

The only good news is that Germany lost. (It may be unpolitically correct to say so, but it does warm the heart to watch Germans weep...)

Forza Azzurri!


Anonymous said...

(It may be unpolitically correct to say so, but it does warm the heart to watch Germans weep...)

Duh! I've been reading your blog for a while now, since we lost contact years after we met in Germany. I was pleased to read that you've spent a great time in Japan and that you have now settled back in Israel with your family. From what I read, you are still travelling the world a lot and spend a lot of time in Germany too. This comment above was unnecessary, unless you didn't think there would be any Germans reading it.


Sharvul said...

You are right. It was unnecessary and I apologize for it. When I wrote it I had a specific person in mind, but obviously I shouldn't have generalised. Please consider it an unfortunate slip of the tongue.

(PS - email me).